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Shouting out.

As you may have noticed, we keep a blogroll on our WI&WN blog.  That’s nothing special – lots of bloggers keep a list of blogs on their page.  Others opt not to…maybe they worry about burdening their readers with their opinions…hahaha.

OK – bad humor aside, I just wanted to take a minute to draw your attention to our blogroll.  There’s some incredible stuff going on over there.  It’s listed alphabetically, so no preferential treatment involved…only that we’ve listed stuff we think you’re really going to like.

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…And we’ve landed…

…in France. And it’s bloody cold. And it’s only autumn… That’s the first thing that hit us, the cold. We went from hot humid Manila, to sunny Dubai (ok, just for a few hours) to grey C.O.L.D (but still beautiful) Paris. But that’s a detail really, cause it’s good to be back in Europe.

I managed to get not one but two croissants in the plane (it’s the little things!) and that can only be a good omen for this new chapter in our life. Only one thing is for certain, this is another big change. After leaving our life in London to volunteer for a year in the Philippines, we’re kinda starting over again…different country, different jobs, different fields.

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