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Reflections on Zürich, Part I

Am sat in an incredibly cute café in Geneva, bursting with the colors of childhood, India, and what I’ve come to associate with kitsch East London decor, whilst I await my train to Paris, en route to Le Puy, where I’ll arrive just in time for dinner tonight.  The past week has been filled with so many things extraordinary and magical, if a tiny bit dampened by the reactions of certain 7- and 10-year olds who “see that every day!”

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On Curiosity

Switzerland…home of The Sound of Music, delicious chocolate, a pretty decent chunk of the Alps, and quite a few multilingual humans.  I’ve always heard that it’s beautiful, and I’ve not been disappointed.  We’re situated on the “Gold Coast,” overlooking Zürich Lake…not a bad view at all.  And we’ve been super lucky with the weather, so that’s a bonus.  However, getting to know Boy Kid (age 10) and Girl Kid (age 7-and-3/4) for the second time around has been the best part of this week so far.

Yesterday Girl Kid informed us that curiosity was one of the four secrets of happiness.  Apparently she learned that from a series entitled Magic Tree House.  I’ve asked to borrow the book…I guess I’d forgotten how much wisdom good kid lit tends to impart…here’s one I read only once when I was 8, but it mesmerized me so much I’ve just never forgotten it.  I was never really one for re-reading books, anyway.  Now my plan is to read Magic Tree House #38:  Monday with a Mad Genius, courtesy of Girl Kid, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, courtesy of Boy Kid, before I leave to go back to France.  Apparently the latter was made into a film which I’ve never seen (not even the trailer), so it’ll be all brand-spanking-new for me.

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Saying “So Long”…Again.

On Friday we will leave Saint-Tropez.  I’m a bit torn about that; while I can’t wait to have the space of our flat (we’ve been living in a tiny studio) and the comfort of an office again, there are a number of things I’m going to miss a lot.  Today, for instance, we’re working outside because it’s 18°C (64°F) and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.  Conversely, it is 5°C (41°F) in Le Puy-en-Velay (as well as Zürich, for that matter).

Mouchette, the furry proprietress of the house, has been lovely, but she’s a little too neurotic for my tastes in animals (boy cats all the way!).  Still, I’ll miss her.  As I’ll miss walking along the beach and the funny man at the market who always gives us something for free.  In all honesty, I can’t see us coming back to St-Trop, unless it was to house sit again, but it’s been good to us while we were here.

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Curiouser and Curiouser…

Sometimes life is all kinds of crazy.

I used to be a nanny.  It was one of the 20 jobs I had (not exaggerating – I’ll write about that one day) while I attended university.  I loved that job, not only because I genuinely adore being around kids – particularly the cute, intelligent kind – but also because D & M became a bit like my San Diego family after a while.  I even began helping M’s grandmother – the great grandma of the kids I watched – a couple of times a week when her parents were out.  She was a joy, and when she passed away my heart broke in two.

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