Take it all off.

You may have noticed things have changed around here.  We decided to make a change…a little simpler, a little sexier…we’ve gone minimal.

The thing is, nobody really seemed to notice the last time we shook things up.

Ann:  (flustered) Why isn’t anybody commenting on our new theme???

Chris:  Dunno.

And I do not, I’ll have you know, go and get a nice new haircut just so I can stare in the mirror.  I am a fisher of compliments.

Ann:  Do you think they don’t like it?  Maybe it’s too close to the old one!  I mean, we put up a completely different picture, for crying out loud!

Chris:  Yeah…not sure.

Or suggestions, ideas, even a lovingly delivered critique.

Ann:  That’s got to be it.  They just haven’t noticed.  Do you think we should change it again?  But it took so long!  No, let’s leave it as-is.

Chris:  OK.

Chris – well, he’s a little more laid back than all that.  But, being that he’s all into design and packaging and what-have-you, I think it might be that he’s just supressing his true feelings on the matter.

Or not.

Do share your thoughts!  Don’t be mean!

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0 thoughts on “Take it all off.

  1. well i do like the new minimalist look…it suits my taste and is very cool.

    • ann says:

      so glad to hear it! hopefully we can keep the content interesting enough that no fireworks or pretty flowers will be necessary!

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