Thank you, sir, for the greatest book of my childhood.

I have read this book a thousand times.  I think I might have gifted it to beloved children at least as many.  It captured all of the darkness and fear only children – and adults in those precious moments when they most truly remember their childhood – understand. It took all our wishes and turned them on their heads.  I never remember thinking the images were bizarre…they seemed perfectly familiar as far back as I can recall, and maybe that was because Mr. Sendak saw right into the minds of children everywhere.  Incidentally, the movie was as close to perfect as it could have been.  I don’t know a whole lot more about Maurice Sendak, but I know he was vehemently opposed to lying to children and has been quoted as having said so.  Hearing of his death brought tears to my eyes, because that is, to me, the most important honesty there is.  I have bought this book many times and will buy it many times still, but I will do so now knowing its wonderful creator is gone.  Goodbye to yet another childhood hero.  Nothing gold can stay.

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0 thoughts on “Thank you, sir, for the greatest book of my childhood.

  1. suncitymom says:

    I thought it appropriate that I order this book to give to Robert Logan from his Auntie Ann. Will save it for Christmas or whatever and you just need to let me know what to put in the front cover. He loves looking at books and by Christmas he will be close to 3 years.

  2. ann says:

    awww…that will be lovely. next year we’ll get him some shel silverstein!

  3. antonia says:

    Jose got this book for Antonio when he was still in my belly and I read it to him every night before bed. 🙂 I can actually recite it from memory now.

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