Think I’ll break this down a bit.

A number of interesting circumstances conspired to change the plans I had set in the weeks leading up to when Chris and I left the Philippines last.  Firstly, it turned out that Chris needed to fly to the U.S. for work on exactly the same day as I would fly out for Brittaney’s wedding.  Furthermore, he’d be there – Lexington, KY (pictures to follow), specifically – for two weeks, whereas I had a return flight after one.  Ergo, I had what I thought would be a week alone in PI to do my own thing.  There’s a piece I’m really keen to write, and since this would be my first bona fide lone tour of a foreign country, I thought I might find an esoteric cottage by the sea, ridiculously discounted due to it being off-season, where I might set my laptop up somewhere on my deck, which of course would look out over the sea, and get right to work…of course I would start my day with the sun, a quick yoga session and a mango shake, and work till dusk, whereupon I would dine in a quiet vegan cafe set directly upon the sea, drinking a cocktail of one sort or another as the moon rose alongside my inspiration, until such time as Chris returned, whereupon we would meet at the airport at 10:10 exactly, which is when his plane would land, and head directly to the bus station, where we would ride in an overnight bus to Baguio, and then transfer to a bus to Sagada the following morning, arriving in the late afternoon, just in time to miss the (probable) afternoon showers and to sleep for 12 hours before beginning our last holiday in PI amidst the backdrop of rice terraces and indigenous art, pine trees and waterfalls.

Alas, none of this came to pass.

So in my next two posts (or maybe more, if it all stays this interesting), I’ll fill you in on what has actually taken place in the time I had previously booked with the aforementioned activities…stay tuned.

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3 thoughts on “Think I’ll break this down a bit.

  1. ronaldanne1 says:

    i have what they call bated breath.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with ronald! And, I even know what happened until we saw you off at the bus station—-but please carry on! MOM

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