Tomorrow never comes…

In just about 36 hours, Chris and I will be high in the sky, on our way outskies from Cagayan de Oro.  For months we’ve had this trip planned (pretty much since we got back from the last one – to Camiguin)…we’ll head to Coron Town in Busuanga Island, which is part of the Calamianes Islands, a group of islands within Palawan.  But first we’ll stop off to visit my BFF and her family in Manila, where she has popped by to pick up her darling hubby and bring him home after too many years of living 9000 miles apart.  I’ll also get the chance to meet with someone from a German government organization that works here who’s interested in possibly offering me some brief work.  It’s all terribly exciting.

And yet, over the last several days, it isn’t this trip I’ve been pondering.  Nor is it the piles of work I’ll come back to…amongst tying up my two voluntary gigs, keeping up the modest writing work I’ve been able to come by, as well as editing one of my best friend’s first book – and anything additional I might need to add following on from the aforementioned meeting, my plate is full to the brim.  It isn’t our last trip to Luzon, where we hope to spend a couple of weeks trekking through the hills of Sagada and Banaue.  It isn’t even our trip back to France, although as the days go by, I become increasingly concerned about my lack of time to practice French…that is going to be interesting.

And so I’m vacillating between being right here, right now, and being months ahead, to a time and place I can’t possibly imagine…And I’m asking myself:  Is this what being is all about, then?  So incredibly overwhelmed by it all that you’re forced to either sit squarely in the moment or look so far past the future you find yourself in that dreamy, no-worries zone?  Busy is good…stress nips at my heels, but I think I’ve made a deal with myself to address it, to not get wrapped up in it, and to work past it.  One day at a time…

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6 thoughts on “Tomorrow never comes…

  1. Martine says:

    love that… yes… just be, that is enough… the rest will take care of itself xxx have a wonderful trip xxx

  2. Jan Miller says:

    Use the Serenty Prayer..It’s usefull in so many ways, but stress is a big one.
    Take Care, Have Fun. Take care of Today.
    Fondly, Jan Miller

  3. Jeska says:

    The answer is always to be in the moment.. But definitely start working on the French!! Xoxo! Love You!

  4. Mom says:

    I think my daughter has aged far past her mother in being able to “be” and accept what life offers. You continue to amaze me with your insights. Enjoy your trip……and Chris……only speak to Ann in French and only listen to what she says IF she says it to you in French! Everything in good time and good planning. Love you, MOM

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