u.s. road trip…FINALLY!

so we finally got our road trip posts up, complete with pictures, but we decided that the best way to organize the posts would be to post them for the actual date they detail.  which means they’re not visible on the homepage of our blog.  to those of you subscribing to the blog already, sorry for this additional post to the 15 you’ve received so far!  to those of you not subscribed, why aren’t you?  mmhmm.

anywho, you can pick out dates you know we visited you, just in case you’re curious about how we portrayed you as host/esses…or you can read through them slowly, devouring every carefully chosen word like nibbles of fine chocolate…HA!  just kidding.

don’t expect capitals…but FOR THE RECORD, my grammar is perfect.  with the exception of carefully selected occasions on which i use incomplete sentences.  for effect.


First post is here.


One thought on “u.s. road trip…FINALLY!

  1. Mom says:

    Hi Daughter, Read the whole thing aloud so that Keith could enjoy it too! You did an excellent job of remembering even the smallest detail, (interesting that this is the first I knew about your being stopped in Texas by a big bad Texas Ranger-HA!) I am sure it will be a trip you will both remember the rest of your lives.
    I forwarded information so that Nanny’s caretaker can open the blog and read it to Nanny. I forwarded to Lynn as well as she enjoyed one of the other ones I had sent to her. Too bad you won’t be here in April as I will get another thing off my ‘bucket list’! I’m going zip-lining! Nope Keith will not be going but I’m not going to pass up the opportunity! I am going to print out your blogs and send them to Uncle Chuck; he will probably really enjoy reading them. Love you and miss you and hoping you are feeling better. MOM

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