u.s. road trip…day 10

the night before we left, we sat down to look at the map with martha, and she showed us the best route to yellowstone, complete with the two things on our to-see/do list – hot springs and a ghost town.  so we stopped at jackson, a town of something like 17 (it seemed) and took an incredibly relaxing dip in the hotsprings.  just amazing, because it’s really pretty cold there, so the cool air on your above-the-surface bits, and the super warm (and even downright hot in some places) water surrounding…it would have been absolutely perfect except for some dude working on the decking at the precise moment we were swimming.  my theory is that he thought we would get up to naughty things, because i would put serious money on us being the only patrons that day, as well as the fact that he only came out when we did, and ‘finished’ just as we were getting out!  c’est la vie.

from there, invigorated and refreshed, we made our way to bannack, the former territorial capital of montana – a real bona fide ghost town.  as i’ve never been to a ghost town, i’m not sure how it would compare, but i thought it was flat-out kickass.  the buildings were erect, and you can enter the vast majority of them to explore – everything from the old hotel, bar, church and school house, to family homes..that was a bi creepy, but so cool.  i had to keep reminding myself that it was the real deal – not some universal studios set.  and anyone who’s watched a couple of episodes of deadwood – you know what i mean.

but eventually we landed in yellowstone, where we would stay the next two nights.  we got there before sunset, but then realized that we’d neglected to buy firewood – an essential as it was cold when the sun was up!  so chris ventured back out into civilization while i got started on the wine…and the tent.

TOTAL MILES:  approx. 2400 (forgot to write it down!)

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  1. JeskaJoy says:

    I love you guys!! Such a beautiful trip so far!!! I can’t stop reading! Must get to work, so this is where I leave off for now. Beautiful photos!! Thanks so much for sharing! (finally 😉
    Ha ha! Frenchie’s….

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