u.s. road trip…day 13

i guess the most significant part of this drive was the vast horizons…the landscape changed pretty dramatically, from mountains and forest to prairies and shrubs.  but the colors were so striking – loads of this beautiful amber grassland, spotted with these eggplant (aubergine?) colored shrubs.  man, mother nature can seriously coordinate some colors.

we drove through wyoming and then shot straight south to fort collins to visit my grandma on my mom’s side.  when i was growing up my grandma was one of the most highly regarded real estate agents in colorado, and was an entirely self-made woman.  the years were good to her, thanks to a rigorous workout routine, a healthy diet and great genes.  so she worked right up until about 3 years ago, when she suddenly – and heart-wrenchingly – lost her ability to walk.  it’s been a difficult transition, to say the least, but she has made a home for herself and her lovely dog in an incredible apartment.  she gets along swimmingly n her chair, and while it would be untrue tosay she was happy about the situation, it has never been her modus operondi to wallow or whine.  so the sentiment that came across most clearly was her gratitude to others.

she put us up in a flat of our own with a window that looked out onto the rockies.  the evening we arrived she made sure that 2 of my uncles’ wives and my uncle tim’s three sons came to dinner – my uncles were all sadly away – and then we had a lovely breakfast the next day before saying goodbye and making our way to kansas.


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