u.s. road trip…day 17

well, i expected this journey to be worse than the one before…i’ve not seen much of texas, but the teensy tiny fraction i have seen took 16 days of 103 degree weather to drive through, and the only variation in the landscape was the occasional tumbleweed crossing our path, sent by god in heaven to preserve our sanity.  ok, that’s a slight exaggeration, and anyway, the point is that it was a really lovely drive down, with loads of pretty things to look at.

[the best part of the whole trip…deserves a little explanation…you know how lots of american shows were big in other countries just a few years after in the states, cuz they didn’t get aired until then?  kinda like how we’ve got 5-year old episodes of eastenders on pbs?  well, this is the reason that chris, in spite of being only a month older than me, knows dallas, while i have no clue because i am simply way too young (it feels good to say that).  but i could never have been prepared for quite possibly the funniest thing that he has ever done…as soon as we drove into dallas, he burst into song at the TOP of his lungs – DALLAS!  ton univers impitoyable! oui, madame et messieurs, that is indeed the french version of the dallas theme song.]

but my main focus at this point was my MOM – it was the day before her birthday and i hadn’t seen her in a year and a half!  and the drive google had informed would take 9 hours turned out to be a measly 6!  so we got to mom and keith’s new digs (landlocked cruise ship, their neighbors’ kids called it) before sunset.  mom had made an incredible dinner and then we went golfcarting (!), a pastime the locals partake in quite regularly, i understand.  and, for the next two weeks, my mom made absolutely certain that we didn’t suffer a nanosecond of boredom.


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