u.s. road trip…day 7

in spite of that late-ish night following a long-ish day, we set off about 7:30 am for montana, to visit my uncle chuck.  the fastest way there was to cut through a bit of washington state, and i’m pretty sure that bit’s about the dullest stretch of land the north-west has to offer.  we then cut through a little bit of idaho, and made it into montana by late afternoon.  my uncle, however, lives waaaaaayyyy into the boondocks, so we didn’t make it to his place until just past 9:00 pm – way later than we’d expected.  but he’d kept warm an incredible vegan meal (no – he isn’t anywhere close to vegan) of various roasted root vegetables, rice, and cantaloupe.  uncle chuck is very keen on european food, wine, and history, and asked chris about his hometown.  chris tried to describe it, and chuck said, ‘i’ll bet it’s in this book,’ and brought out a book about lesser-known parts of france, and sure enough!  there it was.  must admit, i’ve never seen le puy en velay in any book outside of le puy en velay!  after chatting about politics, religion, and family, in a very civilized way (!), we all made our way to bed…and after about 12 1/2 straight hours of driving, we slept well!


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