u.s. road trip…days 18-30

as i’ve mentioned, the day after we arrived in texas was mom’s birthday, and to celebrate, she’d made plans for all of us to go kayaking…one of her ‘bucket list’ items.  we made our way into the (full)  charter bus, and listened as these ‘grownups’ chatted amongst themselves like teenagers on their way to an amusement park.  the  day’s events were to take place at ladybird lake…we would get split into two groups – one to go for a walk along the perimeter of the lake (obviously not the whole thing), while the other one went kayaking, then we’d switch, and then lunch.  What a lovely day…so well-organized, so fun and goofy…chris and i opted for a canoe in the end, and following mom’s lead we did our best to pick up garbage along the way…admittedly there wasn’t much, but it’s a really beautiful place, and any rubbish in those little oases of nature stuck in the middle of a city is too much rubbish!

the next few days are such a blur!  mom had a ‘meet and greet’ for us (where do they come up with these quaint little expressions?), so we got to meet a bunch of the peeps from her hood.  we spent quite a bit of time going to the pool and to the gym…mom and keith took us to see georgetown, their local little town, for a really incredible art show, and then a rendition of cinderella at the palace.  they spoiled us, really, all-around!

one of the coolest parts of this leg of the trip was seeing my littlest big brother, mike, and getting to meet his family.  i’ve been told for eons how amazing his wife, ursula and her family are, and they did not disappoint.  the best bit, though, was meeting our two new nephews who my bro and his lady had fostered, with the longer term plan to adopt. we spent a day with kylel, the eldest at 12, and went to visit these really cool caves, and then to a movie (hereafter – i dug it, chris hated it, and i’m pretty sure kylel only wanted to see it cuz it’s rated pg-13), and then got him home…what a great day.

ursula took the time to cook for us while we were there…and…let…me…tell…you…whatanexperience!  listen, i’m a good cook – and that’s not an opinion.  in fact, i love food more than most things in this life.  but what that meat-and-dairy-eating woman did to a vegan meal was almost sinful…if i lived in her home i would be morbidly obese – i’m not kidding.

we spent one night out in austin – was really interesting to see the strip there.  one of my mom’s neighbor’s kids took us out with her hubby – also a frenchie (we know how to pick ’em) – and we ate at this incredible veggie/vegan place called mother’s – no, cali hippies, not the same, and this one was around first, apparently – which was so so so deliciosa!  then off to the strip, which was chock-full of barsbarsbars, most of which had live music coming from inside.  interesting scene – very reminiscent of bourbon street, if a little less intense.

texas was something – we ate big, we shopped big, we had big fun and big laughs…so good to know that there’s another neck in the world with a whole lotta love for us…i wish we could say we drove off into the sunset, but we left at sunrise…and headed west.


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