u.s. road trip…days 4-6

the next few days were spent trying to gather absolutely everything we could in the way of sarah and andrew’s knowledge and understanding in the agricultural arena, as well as a bit of their zen approach to life, which seems to have served them well, all things considered.  as you may expect, chris was a bit more focused on the former, being a bit of an expert on the latter; i, on the other hand, came exclusively for the latter, and to facilitate chris’ accrual of the former.  that is to say, while chris was learning as much as possible in a tiny 72-hour window about seed cultivation and farming, i spent my time doing what i could to make that work out; in the end i learned a bit more than i’d have imagined.

sarah and andrew have a really great thing going, and they are making it work so well.  and while sweethome may leave a little (tolerance?) to be desired, it’s truly beautiful country, not far from eugene, which we discovered on our last night by way of sarah and andrew’s expertise (they used to live there) is a veritable vegan playground!  vegan or not, absolutely ANYONE passing through that town, MUST make time (and space) to eat at the Pizza Research Institute, aka PRI by the locals.  it is exactly as magical as it sounds…i shall never forget that meal.

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