u.s. road trip…day 1

we didn’t leave too early – had arranged to have lunch with papa danny and autie barbara, so left from shoshana and brian’s about 10:30 am.  the night before, brian had kitted us out with all the bits and bobs we thought we’d need to buy at a camping supply store along the way, so we were well and truly set.  papa danny lives in lake arrowhead, not far at all from the lake itself.  the drive up was easygoing – no traffic, so a great start.  lunch was delicious – chili rellenos, beans, rice, fruit salad, oj and fresh coffee.  danny and barbara had just come from church, so were in their sunday best.  took time over the meal, chatting about our plans, learning about danny’s heritage, and how he and barbara met and fell in love.  talked about family, then took some pictures and had to rush off.  so much driving to do.

left right on schedule – 3:00 pm.  drove down the mountain, along the northern edge of l.a., and then along the coast.  passed through santa barbara just as the sun was setting.  the plan was to make it at least as far as san luis obispo, but we carried on just a little bit further and camped out at moro bay state park.  not a very exciting campsite, but we were a bit exhausted.  so chris pitched the tent while i threw some dinner together – brian had hooked us up with the left-over veggies (the famous bbq veg of brian and shosh), so that was a snap.  not too cold, slept ok.


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