You take them both and there you have…

It has been so tremendously difficult to write.  To find the time.  To find the words.

In the Casa every day is an impossible adventure, with very good and also pretty bad things happening all around.

On the very good side, C was able to convince a couple of seriously talented photographers to make the kids part of their portrait project.  Basically – and I hope my humble words do their incredible journey justice – they’ve come to appreciate how difficult it is to get portraits of strangers while they travel, so they concocted a plan to bring the necessary equipment to print out the shots they shoot and give a copy to the subject on the spot.  The kids thought it was magical and the pictures turned out amazing.


S & A…brother and sister to whom it is very hard to say no…

Some other good things: C has started teaching. I finished the foundation for the forms the organization has begun and will (hopefully) continue piloting so we can figure out what works and what doesn’t. We got the money from the insurance for my computer and C’s off for a conference in NY next month so he’ll bring me back a new one and I’ll be able to work a lot more efficiently within the month.  And we’ve been able to get our hands on some much needed time away, upon which C will elaborate in his next post.

Some not-so-good things: It is cramped.  Some days go okay and we don’t feel like screaming, not even once.  Other days – and I think I speak for both of us – we come to the end of the day wondering how on Earth we got through it without screaming.  From the time we wake up until just before we go to sleep, the house is buzzing with the energy of now 33 little ones, some tiny and others not really quite so little anymore.  There are tears and laughter and shouting and running and learning and grieving…quite simply, it is exhausting.  But it is tremendously rewarding, and we know we’re really blessed to be there at the end of the day.

One of the risks of living with so many is germs, and we have our share.  An oral viral infection went around and I got my share – a couple of weeks of serious discomfort and fatigue – however the silverware is now boiled for sanitary reasons, so something positive came out of it!  The kids are also being treated for the second lice infestation in two months, but that’s very hard to avoid when new kids are coming in all the time, and when our girls have such long, thick hair…

A really important aspect of my role here is to help the organization find funds, and I now know that the urgency behind finding funds for this year lies in some really awful accounting carried out by someone who no longer works with the organization.  If I’m being nice, I’ll call it a lack of competence, but I have other words for those ‘screamer’ days.  Anyway, there will be more on that in my next post as well.

For now, however, I will go back to being in holiday mode, the sun setting over the ocean’s endless horizon as we wait for a cocktail and think about nothing more important than what we’re going to have for dinner…methinks it’ll be more interesting for C

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19 thoughts on “You take them both and there you have…

  1. good lord you are in Ecuador?! I am really behind on my reading so I think I will make your blog my priority for the day on the morrow. there is no end to the wonderful surprising work/life you two are living…hope you enjoy what sounds like a well earned break…ron

    • Ann says:

      hahaha! this trip was supposed to be my chance to catch up on your blog! i’m so stupidly behind!!! but your words are so special, i really need space to absorb them…here’s hoping i get the chance while we’re away. so nice to hear from you, and so nice to see you’re writing again.

      • Well, I have only written a couple of poems but it feels great to finally be able to focus on an idea and write a few lines about it. In between I am posting some music that tickles my fancy.

  2. i am also wondering if there is anything i can do to be useful? how would i get money for supplies to you? i will talk to people i know about donations. It probably wouldn’t be much but i would appreciate the chance to support you and C. let me know if there is a feasible option for getting funds to you.

    • Ann says:

      well, funny you should mention that…not for us, but for this organization…keep your eye out for our next post – it’ll be a bit clearer then…i want to make sure that we get all the information out in the most transparent and complete way. stay tuned! love your comments!

  3. says:

    here here! I am with Ron! lol was gonna ask if there is something i can do as well lol – great minds! love reading whatever and whenever you can share. you are missed on this side of the equator and so respected for what you do over yonder. hugz baby girl. stay safe and as germ free as possible! love xo

    • Ann says:

      thank you so much! would you want me to contact you about sponsoring the foundation with a few bucks a month? what’s so cool about this is that there’s zero admin or advertising…the money literally goes straight to the kids…

      • says:

        yes yes and YES! send me info. 🙂

      • Ann says:

        excellent! and in the meantime, if you want to send something for this drive, you can do that really easily at Ammado (kind of a kickstarter for charities, without the deadlines or minimums!) thank you!!!

      • says:

        beatcha to it! done lol. just saw your post and went to their site 😉 sigh…i love giving back! great site – so easy to navigate and do the thing you want to do! yay for simplicity hahaha! do your quick responses mean you have your computer back? 😉

      • Ann says:

        they do indeed! however they also mean i took a few days away from the project…going through a period of intensively over working and need to sort that out, though. haven’t had a minute to spare as have been working more or less from the moment i wake until i crash again. that’s not sustainable, so i’m working on it…thank you for your donation! i’ll keep you posted as we get further along developing a network of organizational sponsors.

      • says:

        balance baby. it’s a good thing 😉 you can find it xo

      • Ann says:

        it’s easier said than done here…our room is tucked into the actual foundation, so balance when you live at work isn’t really going to happen, but i can work toward it anyway. one day at a time 🙂

      • says:

        awww hugz sweetie! I can only imagine. then just breathe…deeeeeep. wooosaw 😉

      • Ann says:

        that’s the ticket! wooosaw…

      • says:

        lmao wasn’t sure if you’d seen the movie!!! hahaha love it 😉 miss you woman!

      • Ann says:

        i haven’t…i now realize it’s from bad boys (thank you, interweb)…but i got your drift! hehe…i need to get out more!

      • says:

        hahaha connect! yay 😉

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